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Social media and mobile applications are unexploited sources of data. People are relying on social media sites and apps more than ever to give and exchange information with relatives, associates, friends and even complete strangers. Data gathered from these sites and apps will fundamentally alter the way police proactively patrol and investigate crime.

Founded in 2012, Dataveillance is a social media and open source intelligence research company that provides training to law enforcement and those working in direct support of law enforcement, by professional instruction in social media investigations and information gathering. Dataveillance not only provides current up to date training on social media, mobile applications and open source intelligence, but also demonstrates how to integrate these tools into traditional investigations.

Dataveillance has provided training to thousands of law enforcement professionals working for Federal, State and local law enforcement agencies.  In 2013, Dataveillance partnered with Broward College to teach social media research and investigations at the colleges’ Criminal Justice Academy.

With the numerous risks on the internet, Dataveillance strives to provide the safest anonymization techniques and training to protect the security and safety of those working online and conducting  social media investigations.

Dataveillance is focused on staying current in the ever changing world of social media and continually updates its training curriculum as these changes occur.

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