On a recent human trafficking case, the knowledge gained from Mike's training provided an investigative advantage. Our Federal partners praised the capability which ultimately led to a successful rescue of the victim.

K.S. | Detective

I want to thank you for enlightening us to so many fantastic tools which will enhance our Government Fraud cases. You are a dynamic instructor who is sharing cutting edge techniques, which are taking law enforcement investigations to a whole new level. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, it's a service to us and is making us better.

T.P. | Office of The Attorney General

Mr. Gordon, thank you for the opportunity to attend your course this week. As a prolific computer user and investigator, there was still many aspects in this field that I was unaware of until I learned them in your presentation. The invaluable information I gathered and can take back to my agency will undoubtedly help me in my endeavors in investigating criminals in the City of Miami, thanks again.

Detective F. Sanchez | Miami PD Homicide

Just an FYI with the basics I picked up in class I was able to track a gang member down who was running some criminal activity out of a SC Prison.  Really enjoyed the class.

JM | Manager NCDPS

I took your class at Broward college a couple of months ago. I have gotten great results in my gang investigation thanks to your tips and tricks. I have been able to identify and document over 100 gang members in the Deerfield beach area.

Detective | BSO

I can not recommend this class strongly enough to EVERYONE, but particularly Law Enforcement. I like to think that I am relatively computer savy, but after this class I truly realized how very little we know about the internet, phones, computers and all the tools there are for us to locate people and information. This class is also amazing if you have children and for your family and yourself because whether you have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or nothing at all, your information can be found on the internet with some basic tools. This class is perfect for anyone investigating crimes of any nature and as we all know technology is only advancing. Please share this with your staff and fellow Law Enforcement partners.

Fawn Ackerman | Investigator

"I had the privilege of attending the Social Media and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Research and Investigation course in March 2015. Michael is an excellent teacher and knows the subject matter extensively. I was advised that I was the first international student to attend this class and Michael went out of his way to accommodate me. He even took the time to gear the research methods we were learning towards my country of origin in order to facilitate the research I was conducting. The material presented is extremely relevant to law enforcement investigations, and have helped me to become a better investigator. I highly recommended your class to any and all Law Enforcement. Thank you very much Mike and I look forward to attending another class in the future."

Chris A. | Criminal Intelligence, RCMP

Mike, this is Joe Clark from Henry County PD in Georgia. I would like to thank you again for providing the class. I have already applied many of the tools that you showed us very successfully. I was able to help another agency in our county to identify a child pornography suspect from Indiana. Your class has also helped me in identifying three carjacking suspects. Thanks again for all your help.

Joe Clark | Henry County PD in Georgia

Today I had the chance to talk with my colleagues about the OSINT & Social Media class I attended recently. When one posed the question of the audience this class was best suited for, I had to answer unequivocally “Everyone”! Social media and open source intelligence is a most relevant topic in our information age. Today we are a knowledge-based society living in a high-tech, global economy. Knowing how to navigate and use online tools is so pertinent to the way we live and function as a society. I have had countless hours of training in my twenty-five years in the criminal justice system, and this was by far the best class I have ever attended. I never knew how much information is available from open sources and social media applications until I took Mr. Gordon’s class. Mr. Gordon’s depth of knowledge is just outstanding. His class is well paced— no one gets left behind. He genuinely cared about each student’s learning process, and adjusted his pace when someone needed it. Frequently he checked on the class’s comprehension of what he was presenting. His presentation technique allows students at all levels to follow and understand what he is presenting. Not only does Mr. Gordon teach research and investigative techniques using online tools, but he also instructs on how to change various settings on cellphones and social media applications to keep personal information private. He provides a CD to take home with all of the materials he covers. This information is so helpful in both my professional and my private activities. I can’t wait to take another class from him!

Anne Weeks

Since taking your Dataveillance course in October 2014, I have utilized many of the suggestions, practices and methods you taught.  Utilizing search techniques and apps, recommended by you, I have been able to locate and identify numerous incidents of criminal activity in my jurisdiction.  I was able to identify a previously unknown drug dealer, identify several vehicles used in CDS operations, and identify locations frequented by known offenders and more.  I will continue to utilize the techniques you recommended and I have shared many of the phone apps and search techniques with my Patrol Division.  In addition, your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook search warrants have already proved to be useful.  Most importantly, I was able to search myself and change settings on various social media and location settings to keep my personal information from getting into the hands of the wrong people.  For that I am most appreciative.

Ron Burrows | Police Detective

I have to say that this is a must for investigators as well as the regular “street cop” that utilize the internet and social media for their research and investigative needs. The material and methods presented are significant to law enforcement investigations as well as to any person using social media, such as Facebook, Twitter etc. The two-day class offered by Dataveillance made it clear that internet sites can be very informative. The instructor, Mike Gordon, is extremely knowledgeable and detailed in his presentation and is easy to approach with questions or suggestions. As a host I have to say that Mike was great to deal with when it came to scheduling and planning the training. The reference material he provides is full of useful research programs and information that can be utilized not only at work but on personal computers as well. I highly recommend this course for any Officer or Investigator that wants to add one more tool to their investigative “tool belt”. I guarantee that by taking Mike’s class that it make you a better Officer or investigator. The overwhelming opinion by the Officers was “GREAT CLASS CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE”. Thanks Mike!

Dave Scott | Police Detective & President Fraternal Order of Police South Jersey Lodge #56

You don’t realize how much information can be obtained from social media until you have sat through one of these classes. This course is a must have for Detectives, Investigators, and Patrol Officers throughout the country. The information I learned was able to be put to use the very next day!  Mike Gordon is a very well-spoken instructor who obviously has a lot of knowledge in the field. Mike explained all the material with detail so we would know how to utilize the information in the future. The material Mike brings to the table is priceless.  This was the first time our Organization has hosted a training seminar like this one. We had such an overwhelming response of positive feedback that we are looking to host another class in the near future.  Thanks again Mike for everything and can’t wait to see you back in Jersey for another class!!

Dave Pfeifer | Police Officer & Public Relations Director South Jersey FOP Lodge 56

I am not too familiar with social media and deal with it to a limited degree. However, after attending the first two hours of this seminar my reaction was "This stuff is scary"!! I am familiar with people creating problems for themselves by posting too much information regarding their activities on social media. However, after attending this session, I learned that through certain techniques and websites a multitude of information can be obtained about an individual, even if their posts on social media are limited.

Chuck M. | Former Federal Investigator, Philadelphia, PA

Thanks for the training on Social Media.  During our class today, I tried one of your tips to find one of my fugitives that’s been underground for over a year and wouldn’t you know: it worked!  My guy is operating under yet another alias, but I recognized his face and got some leads on where he is possibly hiding out.  In the meantime, I’m going to get a search warrant out and include all that great stuff you gave us to help pinpoint his whereabouts.

C.B. | Law Enforcement Investigator

Good morning, I would like to say thank you and what a great job you did with expanding our knowledge of the web with all the new areas to explore through the Social Media, I have already started utilizing some of the tools you provided during the training and I have had some success, again thank you and job well done.

Patrice Muchow | Broward Sheriff’s Office

The OSINT & Social Media class is essential for analysts and/or investigators that utilize the internet for their research needs. The material and methods presented are significant to law enforcement investigations as well as to any person using social media, such as Facebook, for personal use. The two-day class offered by Dataveillance made it clear that internet sites can be very informative however they can also be scary and/or dangerous when being used for criminal acts. The instructor, Mike Gordon, is extremely knowledgeable and detailed in his presentation, he is easy to approach with questions or suggestions and I really liked that he encouraged a lot of class participation. The reference material he provides is full of useful research programs and information that can be utilized not only at work but on personal computers as well. I highly recommend this course for any analyst and/or investigators that want to add one more research skill to their many investigative abilities.

Melissa Swenton | Investigative Analyst

I want to thank you for the insight and knowledge that you were able to pass to me during your two day class.  I was able to add to my arsenal, with not only the knowledge but the tools, to help in investigation dealing with social media and other threats on the web.  You have fine-tuned the techniques and was able to pass them on to me, allowing me to do investigations precise and efficient.  The class was tailored to the class, allowing students of all levels to follow and understand what was being taught. Excellent class and I am looking forward to continuing my education through Mr. Gordon.  Thank you again. 

Alfonso Gebbia | Broward District Schools Police

I wanted to thank you for the outstanding two day class you provided to our team. I learned a tremendous amount online investigations; some was quite scary how one can track a person and/or destroy a person. I greatly appreciate your patience with all my questions and being so kind as to provide your contact info should any questions arise. I used a number of your searches in a case I have been stumped on – within 30 minutes I found additional user names he was using. Thank you Mike, I highly recommend your class to all LEO and/or person who investigates crimes.

J.R. | Private Organization

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for spending your day with us.  Your class was extremely interesting and informative!  I am amazed at all that is available to help me with my daily investigations!  The knowledge you provided us with will certainly help “catch the bad guy” and keep us protected from them as well in our personal lives.  A one day course is clearly just the starting point, I look forward to attending more classes to keep up to date with the constantly changing cyber world!  Thank you again for all your information!

D. Levy | Detective HPD

I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your 8 hour Social Media for Investigators course yesterday at the Hollywood Police Department.  The course was OUTSTANDING!  You really went above and beyond to fine-tune the material to meet the specific needs of our Gang, Narcotic, Fraud, Burglary, Robbery, Homicide and Child Exploitation Investigators and Supervisors.  My only regret is that our Detectives didn’t receive this training sooner.  I confident they will IMMEDIATELY use the tools you provided to enhance their investigations.

Lieutenant R. Wolfkill | HPD

On 12/18/13, the Hollywood Police Department put on an 8 hour training for Social Media for the Law Enforcement Community. This class was one of the best classes that I have taken in a long time. As a detective, I feel that this training will help me tremendously will my daily investigations and even at home on my personal computer. I would like to thank Mr. Gordon for coming out to our agency and teaching us a wealth of knowledge.  If anyone gets an opportunity to take this training, I highly recommend it.

C. Stabile | Detective HPD

The OSINT & Social Media class is a “must” for investigators and analysts! The material and techniques presented are comprehensive and especially relevant to law enforcement investigations. The non-attributable computer system designed by Dataveillance provides a safe environment in which to conduct covert investigations seamlessly and it is very user friendly. The instructors (Gordon & Kidd) are very knowledgeable, they answered all our questions, and encouraged “hands-on’ participation from students. Dataveillance also provided each student with a thumb drive packed with information, including reference materials and software…it’s like taking the instructors home with you!Thanks Dataveillance!

Martie Nabut-Dee | FDLE Certified Law Enforcement Analyst

 I highly recommend this course for anyone whether you are intermediate or savvy with the Social Media you will learn more.  I guarantee by taking the OSINT & Social Media Research/Investigation conducted by Michael Gordon you will find that the course will help you with analytical work load and make it easier in any lines of business.

Tonya Motley, CPM | FDLE Certified Analyst, Bureau of Crime Intelligence and Analytical Support. Division of Insurance Fraud