Fundamentals of Dark Web Investigations 

This one-day course is designed as a foundation course for Law Enforcement in conducting Dark Web Investigations. The modern Dark Web’s notorious reputation is well-earned, and the hidden internet is undeniably dangerous and no place for the untrained to conduct an investigation. Anyone involved in Law Enforcement Investigations should understand the basic elements of the Dark Web and how to recognize criminals and crimes operating within the Dark Web.

This is the only course offered in the United States that will instruct the student to safely access and navigate the Dark Web without compromising their Agency, Investigations or themselves. Students will learn the history, concepts, computer requirements and dangers of the Dark Web. Students will move into a hands-on Lab environment to create a Live Operating System to access the Dark Web. Students will also install Whonix on VirtualBox utilizing a Linux machine. Whonix is a desktop operating system designed for advanced security and privacy and utilizes Tor’s free software.

Students will then use the Live Operating System they created and Whonix to access the Dark Web from anonymous computers and internet connections. Students will navigate and access various known criminal sites and search for information. Law enforcement has a responsibility to prevent and investigate all crimes—even those involving the Dark Web.

Students will be provided the software programs to make a Live Operating System and software for VirtualBox and Whonix. Students will be able to safely access the Dark Web and search actual criminal activity upon the completion of the course.

This hands-on course will be presented from a law enforcement point of view, it will therefore benefit experienced (but non-technical) members of the law enforcement community wishing to attend.


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