Advanced Online Investigations

Due to the overwhelming demand, we cannot offer any further training dates for 2020. Please contact us for upcoming 2021 dates.  

This three-day course is one of its kind in the United States as it will simplify strong encryption, covert computing and the use of anonymous internet connections while conducting Social Media and OSINT Investigations. In this course, students will work in a lab, working with fully disk encrypted covert computers learning the necessary software that will support safe online investigations. Students will learn to set up anonymous and untraceable internet connections.

Students will take the devices used in the Lab and put them to use learning the newest Social Media and Open Source search techniques and tools available. Social Media sites Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitterwill be discussed in detail along with the most popular Mobile Apps. Students will learn programs, extensions and Terminal Commands to scrape posts, pictures and videos from the major Social Networking sites.

To obtain the full benefit of the course, students should bring a laptop computer to the training.

Students will be provided all the computer software to make an encrypted covert computer and conduct online investigations upon the completion of the course.

This hands-on course will be presented from a law enforcement point of view, it will therefore benefit experienced (but non-technical) members of the law enforcement community wishing to attend.


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