Social Media Investigations

Social Media Investigations This one-day foundation course is designed for anyone on the police department from an analyst, a new beat police officer, all the way to a well-seasoned detective. This course will serve the student as an introduction to the well-known and lesser known Social Media applications and how to conduct their investigations using […]

Human Trafficking in Social Media 

Human Trafficking in Social Media  This one-day course is designed as a specialized class in conducting Human Trafficking and Prostitution Investigations utilizing Social Media and OSINT techniques and tools. Long gone are the days of prostitutes working “the track.” The internet, specifically, Social Media has turned in to the “Modern Day Online Street Corner” for […]

Fundamentals of Dark Web Investigations 

Fundamentals of Dark Web Investigations  This one-day course is designed as a foundation course for Law Enforcement in conducting Dark Web Investigations. The modern Dark Web’s notorious reputation is well-earned, and the hidden internet is undeniably dangerous and no place for the untrained to conduct an investigation. Anyone involved in Law Enforcement Investigations should understand […]

Advanced Online Investigations 

Advanced Online Investigations This three-day course is one of its kind in the United States as it will teach the student how to properly use Linux and Windows based operating systems, virtualization, and strong encryption while conducting covert and high-risk online investigations. Students will learn how to set up untraceable internet connections and how to […]