Mike Gordon

Mike is the owner and founder of Dataveillance. Mike is a former Marine Staff Sergeant and retired Police Officer. In Mike’s 30 years working in law enforcement he served in the capacity of Patrol Officer, Traffic Investigator, Vice & Narcotics Detective and Intelligence Analyst.

Since founding Dataveillance in 2012, Mike has trained thousands of Law Enforcement and Intelligence personnel from HIDTA, FBI, DEA, HSI, DOD, IRS, State and Local Agencies in the United States and abroad.

Mike has an extensive background as a criminal intelligence analyst and has received certifications from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the Alpha Group, and Anacapa Sciences as a Criminal Intelligence Analyst. In 2009 Mike became a State of Florida Certified Intelligence Analyst.

Mike received his Instructor Certification from the State of Florida Commission on Criminal Justice Standards and Training in 2009. During his career in law enforcement, Mike has received well over 4,000 hours of specialized police training in a myriad of police disciplines. He retired from law enforcement in February 2015.

Mike has spoken at numerous conferences and seminars on the use of social media in traditional investigations and has had several articles about his training published in the media. Mikes’ primary goal is focused on staying current with the world of SOCMINT, OSINT and the IOT and he continuously adds new and up-to-date information in every class as the newest trends and technologies in investigations and web-based crimes are brought to light.

Dataveillance Instructors:

Nick Jerman, Lead Instructor  

Nick Jerman is in his 16th year of Law Enforcement in the State of Maryland. Nick was assigned to the Vice and Intelligence Unit where he worked human trafficking and prostitution cases, a majority of which were self-generated via social media. In 2016, Nick was selected to start the Digital Intelligence and Analysis Unit (DIAU) for his 1600 member agency, which specializes in Social Media and OSINT investigations. Since it’s inception  DIAU has supported various Agencies throughout the United States with their investigations. Nick has trained several thousand Law Enforcement professionals throughout the United States in SOCMINT and OSINT investigations.  Nick speaks regularly at the Maryland Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention at various statewide Human Trafficking Conference where Nick is considered to be a leading expert in SOCMINT and OSINT Investigations pertaining to Human Trafficking and Prostitution Cases.

Jeff Mackvick, Assistant Instructor  

Jeff retired after a 30 year career with the North Carolina Department of Public Safety as an Investigator, Chief Probation Parole Officer and as a Intelligence Analyst. Jeff has conducted hundreds of investigations into Criminal and Prison Gangs and has a wealth of knowledge using SOCMINT and OSINT techniques and methods during those investigations. Jeff has been a Certified Instructor in the State of North Carolina  since 1993 and has been Certified as Advanced Criminal Gang Specialist thru the North Carolina Gang Investigators Association.

James Dressler, Computer Programming Developer and Assistant Instructor 

James brings to Dataveillance over 12 years of intelligence analysis and systems development as a Crime Analyst, Police Officer, Cryptologic Operator, and Chinese Linguist. In his current role as a Crime Intelligence Analyst at Olathe PD, James serves as the technical subject matter expert for the Department’s Report Management System and Intelligence Analysis platforms. James is responsible for performing complex analysis of the municipality’s criminal justice efforts and provides technical instruction to the fellow Crime Intelligence Analysts within the Greater Kansas City Area. In addition to these duties, James provides programming and scripting services utilizing numerous computer programming languages including C#, Python, and SQL to create low-cost, high-output software solutions to analysts and investigators.